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Leading Instructional Rounds in Education is a step-by-step guide on facilitating instructional school rounds. 

The reader will become adept at job-embedded professional development by learning facilitator techniques and strategies, do's and don'ts, methods to gauge and improve the progress of an instructional rounds network, and how to incorporate multiple resources to deepen the work of improving instruction and learning. Vivid examples selected by the author from thousands of rounds sessions help facilitators to picture themselves doing the work. 

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The book has had multiple printings.

All services are delivered directly by Thomas Fowler-Finn.
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-On-site facilitation of job-embedded instructional rounds sessions delivered by the leading expert in the country on instructional rounds.  Professional development units are developed during the course of instructional rounds facilitation and provided to clients for their use in multiple schools.

​-Introductory sessions on the theory and practice of instructional rounds: Clients create network norms, engage in instructional rounds skill training and simulation, and receive coaching for client selected in-house "facilitators-to-be". Clients are encouraged and supported to acquire the ability to conduct independent network operation. 

-Consultation to assist participants to implement in practice what is learned from each instructional rounds session.

-Network development of the capability to improving instruction and learning at scale.

-Customized services for job-embedded professional development responsive to each client.  

Instructional Rounds Services: A Job-Embedded Professional Development Process