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Instructional rounds (IR) offers a unique and powerful approach to improve student learning.  IR is quite different than classroom walkthroughs.  Classroom walkthroughs are often conducted with a checklist of best practices and involve coaching of individual teachers, while IR is not about supervision or a one-teacher-at-a-time approach. IR is premised upon the proposition launched by Richard Elmore that it takes a network of colleagues engaged in shared practice to improve teaching and learning at scale.  

As facilitator, mentor, author, and award-winning teacher and administrator, Tom’s many years of network leadership include a variety of implementation models such as working within one school or school system, working with the leadership of multiple schools and school systems, training and mentoring in-house facilitators, and negotiated client options.  

Tom's new book, Leading Instructional Rounds in Education, is a facilitator's guide to implementing IR. Throughout this explanation of leading the IR process, Tom introduces new rounds protocols, facilitator techniques and strategies, do's and don'ts, and suggestions on how to move a network forward.

                                 Available from Harvard Education Press
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Instructional Rounds Plus - Lesson Observations, Analysis, & More