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Instructional rounds offers a powerful approach to improving instruction and student learning. Instructional rounds is not a type of classroom walkthroughs and not a form of teacher evaluation.  It is not a one-teacher-at-a-time approach.  Instructional rounds (IR) is premised upon the proposition that improving instruction and learning at scale requires a network of colleagues engaged in shared practice.  There is nothing that can match the gains in school and student performance yielded from the professional development of network members engaged in the authentic job-embedded process of IR conducted on school sites.  

As facilitator, mentor, author, and award-winning teacher/district leader, Tom offers a variety of client options such as facilitation of IR in one school or school district, working with the leadership of multiple schools and school systems, training and mentoring in-house facilitators, and negotiated client consultation.  He has conducted instructional rounds and supported independent use of the process in multiple countries and continents.  

Tom's book, Leading Instructional Rounds in Education, is a facilitator's guide to implementing IR. Throughout this explanation of leading the IR process, Tom introduces a host of rounds protocols, facilitator techniques and strategies, do's and don'ts, and suggestions on how to get results from your efforts on improving instruction and student performance.
"Improving Instruction & Learning in a Primary School"
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Instructional Rounds: Improving Instruction and Learning